The Roxy Institute of Performing Arts ( RipA) is a concept and working title for an opportunity identified during the extensive consultation informing the Roxy Redevelopment project.

The Roxy redevelopment funded by Leeton Shire Council and Create NSW will address a myriad of technical, functional and access issues, and will deliver on community aspirations to foster, mentor artistic excellence in the region.

RiPA is a concept that was further tested by Roxy Community Theatre in partnership with Jake Speer, a proof of concept; with successful delivery of the Henry V production in 2021, a demonstration of what the Leeton community can create.

In supporting the community’s aspiration for artistic excellence in the region within Leeton’s iconic Roxy Theatre, RiPa supported by Leeton Shire Council is excited to collaborate with the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) to deliver the NIDA Connect program.