Roxy Theatre Terms and Conditions of Entry

Roxy Theatre

114 Pine Avenue

Leeton NSW 2705


Leeton Shire Council

23-25 Chelmsford Place

Leeton NSW 2705


Ticket Prices

Movie prices:

Adults – $16.00

Concession/Child – $12.00

Family – $40.00 (2 Adults, 2 Children*)

Extra Child $10.00

Children 3 and under are FREE

Specialty shows and Performances: Prices as stated on or our Facebook page or as stated on tickets.

Tickets Issued by the Roxy Theatre or by third party groups or organisations presenting performances or shows at the Roxy Theatre are subject to the following conditions;

  • No refund or exchange will be given on any ticket except where expressly stated on the ticket.
  • Tickets purchased may not, without prior written consent of Management be resold, packaged or used for promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions or trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods and services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of these conditions, the bearer of the ticket may be denied admission, or other action taken, without guarantee of a refund. Entry may also be denied if tickets are not purchased from an authorised point of sale.
  • Opening hours are 10am – 1pm Wednesday and Fridays, and half an hour prior to film screenings times as advertised n Facebook and our website, or as expressly stated on ticket for other shows, performances, events.
  • The monthly program for movies, performances and special events are subject to change as necessary without notice due to adverse or other operational reasons. The right is reserved to cancel, withdraw, postpone, relocate or reschedule activities and there is no guarantee of viewing any or all scheduled activities.
  • Screenings, performances and shows at the Roxy Theatre are all weather events except in such case of a “Force Majeure” defined event or an act of violence would the Management cancel a screening, performance or show.
  • Whilst at the Roxy Theatre, visitors are responsible for the security of their own property. All bags may be subject to search and visitors are reminded not to leave bags or packages unattended at any time.
  • Images of performers, performances, any shows or events at the Roxy Theatre taken with a camera, mobile phone or other wireless device cannot be used for any other purpose other than for private and domestic purposes, without prior written consent from management and payment of any imposed fee. Images cannot be sold, licensed, published or otherwise commercially exploited.
  • Making or distributing of broadcasts, commentary or news reports by any means in any format or media including any such commentary made by mobile phone or other wireless device is not permitted without prior consent from Management.
  • Any personal information (except Postcodes) communicated to Management by the purchaser is collected for the purpose of assisting with lost tickets. Further, Management may also use such personal information for direct marketing purposes in its promotion of the Roxy Theatre and its program of events and performances, Leeton Shire Council and related products. Where such use is made the purchaser/patron will have been given prior opportunity to ‘opt out’ of receiving further direct marketing material.
  • Visitors to the Roxy Theatre consent to being photographed, filmed and recorded as visitors to the Theatre and consent to the use of any such film, image or recording at the discretion of Management.



  • For the comfort and safety of visitors, staff and volunteers the following items are not permitted to be brought into the Roxy Theatre;
  • Alcohol
  • Animals (except service animals, such as assistance dogs and police dogs)
  • Any item that could be used as a weapon
  • Vehicles of any kind including bicycles, scooters, skate boards and roller blades (except wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters)
  • Fireworks, Frisbees, helium balloons
  • Large flags, musical instruments
  • Amplification equipment
  • Unauthorised advertising material or flyers
  • Laser pointers
  • Distress signals
  • Whistles or loud hailers
  • Dangerous goods or any other item prohibited by legislation
  • The Roxy Theatre is a non-smoking venue.
  • Adults must not leave dependent children unattended.


The Roxy Theatre during special events and performances operates in accordance with an appropriate Liquor License. Persons seeking entry to the Roxy Theatre are advised that:

  • They are entering a licensed area;
  • Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter;
  • Intoxicated persons will be removed from the Roxy Theatre
  • Alcoholic beverages must not be taken into, or removed from the Roxy Theatre;
  • Checking procedures will apply to prevent persons possessing liquor from entering;
  • It is an offence for minors to purchase or consume alcohol
  • It is an offence to sell to or supply minors with alcohol
  • Persons supplying alcohol to minors will be reported to the police;
  • Penalties apply under the Liquor Act and Regulations.


  • Management of the Roxy Theatre does not take responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage however caused, including any negligence (but not gross negligence), breach of duty, default or omission on the part of Roxy Theatre Staff, volunteers, contractors or agents.
  • Appointed officers by Management reserve the right, with reasonable cause, to refuse entry to any person or remove any person from the Roxy Theatre without any entitlement to a refund and in compliance with the Tort of Trespass, Council regulations and State and Commonwealth statutes.




The Roxy Theatre is committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality events, performances, shows and movie screenings. We endeavour to make sure that all events and opportunities listed on our website are up to date and pricing is true and correct. In the event that we are unable to process your booking request we will notify you within 3 business days to arrange an alternative processing option.


Please choose carefully. We do not give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.  In the event of illness, where a doctors’ certificate is received prior to the event, consideration will be given to a partial refund.