When you visit The Roxy Community Theatre, we’d like you to really enjoy the experience. By planning your visit, you’ll be better placed to relax, recharge and take in the theatre’s historical atmosphere – because frankly, we do give a damn about your visit to The Roxy.

Buying tickets

Tickets to our weekly movie screenings can be purchased at the box office. All tickets to live shows, events and concerts can be purchased using our secure online booking system.

Eat + drink

There is a selection of food and drink (no alcohol) available from vending machines on-site at The Roxy. Alternatively, here’s a comprehensive list of places to eat before or after your visit. Download your dining guide (PDF).

Mobility Assistance

The Roxy Community Theatre endeavours to accommodate patrons with disability, whenever possible. Contact us prior to your visit to discuss how we can assist you.


We encourage patrons to be courteous of each other. Mobile phones and devices are to be turned off during movies and performances. Cameras and tape recorders are not permitted.


Want to take a step back in time? Tours of The Roxy are available by appointment Cost: $5 per person. For tour details, contact us.


Planning to host an event at The Roxy? Contact us for accommodation options/styles within easy reach of the theatre. Alternatively, here’s a comprehensive list of places to stay in Leeton.

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