There are so many wonderful stories to come out of the production of Henry V. Stories of courage and transformation, stories of love and hope, stories of triumph against insurmountable odds, great love and joy, friendships that will never be broken, lives changes forever.

The play, Henry V, is peopled by complex, diverse, heroic and iconic characters, who have spoken to us through the ages about what it means to be human. And Henry V, the production, has its own cast of characters – wonderful, quirky, courageous, diverse people who have come together to create something magic and transcendent, under the gabled roof of our sacred Roxy Theatre, the last company to tread the boards before she herself is transformed.

This company has shown what can be achieved with courage, tenacity and love. Their willingness to listen, to fight for one another and to follow their leader into the breach, their grace under fire, their ability to transform, to try, to work, to rise. And the wider community who have given in so many myriad ways to build this historical production – and themselves have reaped benefits they may never have envisaged, enriched, nourished and transformed by a Shakespearian epic that has changed the face of rural theatre forever.

Though the show had its final night on Saturday April 24, with a solemn and powerful epilogue in the ANZAC Dawn service held just outside the silent theatre at the Cenotaph as the sun rose, the stories of this time will live on. What follows is some of those stories that I didn’t get time to finish during production, but are integral to the fabric of this beautiful and sacred time. The legend of The Roxy Theatre is shaped and deepened by such as these.

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