The Solitary Figure: the Director enters side stage, afternoon February 7, 2021

Getting ready to bring the company of players together for the first time, the responsibility to these new actors sits like a round incandescent stone in the crucible of his mind. What does it mean to lead them all through the journey before them – this company of players, this band of brothers and sisters? To play the King who leads his country to war? To be the Director who leads his company from this first meeting to the Grand Opening? To take each person with their talents and fears, their inhibitions and their beauty, and unleash their individual potentials, to make them safe to liberate themselves and truly fly? To build trust. To provide leadership. To govern.

History is made in small steps: set up February 7, 2021

And the team, feeling their way – sensing the moment, entering the dark magical space of the the theatre to set up for the event. Palpable. One day, this day will be the historical moment – a time when something big began. When the seeds began to flourish. The people who made it happen.

Briefing the team: Jake welcomes cast and crew, evening February 7, 2021

Then – the buzz. Everyone assembled, filling the front seats of the theatre – the music rising, the screen filled, and there it is – the Director is welcoming everyone in. Here is Henry V – the concept and the process and the plan.

The Company Gathers: cast and crew meet and greet February 7 2021

The word went out to the actors – you’re in, come and gather at The Roxy Theatre, come and meet one another, feel the first rush of the new world, come to see what it feels like to be part of this brand new thing. Drink in the atmosphere. Feel one another. Feel the moment.

Building bonds for life: cast meet and greet, February 7, 2021

BACK ROW Hilary, Bernie, Ben, Charles, Jake, Paul, Andrew, Jock, James

FRONT ROW Aly, Cass, Bonnie, Belinda, Greg, Mandy, Adam, Alec

The Buzz: end of the night, February 7, 2021

Next, for the work to begin.

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