The moments of introspection, minutes before you stride into history: King Henry, Wednesday April 21, 2021, 6:58pm

Now is the time to reflect. Imagine you had imagined something in great detail through many years, sought your own counsel and researched and built a story that would speak across the ages. Imagine you saw its scope and sway, the world, its sound and texture, the movement of bodies through space. How you wrote down each idea in minute detail – metanarratives of leadership and war, destiny and courage, triumph over odds and how to be both man and king. The archetypes of Man. Humanity’s great stories, reaching from 500 years ago to now. How much it meant to you to bring this epic tale to life, this idea into being.

Imagine you took fifteen fellow actors, and raised them up. Taught them everything you know, pushed them, shaped them, help them to see themselves through prisms of refracted light, as characters and gods. Wooed, and freed them. Led them out of fear into the light of their own being.

Imagine you took on the biggest role of your life. A central character who bore the mark of some of the most powerful tracts of poetry ever penned. The young king learning to be a leader. The boy becoming the man. The man becoming a king. Five centuries or more separate you from him. So many centuries of change and chance. And yet, you summon him, and then become him. And yet you become The King, so you can lead your band time and again into battle. Prepare them for the war ahead, shape them to be warriors and drive them on.

Imagine the hours and days and weeks of shaping yourself to lead them. To be Henry. And then to strip it all away, and be yourself transformed. The greatest challenge of your life. All things at stake.

Imagine, the moments before you take the stage. An artist wrestling with himself, preparing for his resolution into greatness. That moment, just before you fly.

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