Brandon and Jake in discussion on set: Henry V Tech Week, April 2021

What if the real reason behind the whole crazy ride was what happened on the very first day, when you found each other in the most ridiculous, surreal, heady and unforgiving of circumstances – awaiting auditions at NIDA – and only now, come to understand it was that above everything that was the purpose?

Not the fame, not the accolades, not the terror and the heartbreaks, the moving into circles and hitting heights, the fawning and pawing and the crazy, the awards and the networking and the sweating and stepping out and the being played and learning to play the game. Not the good looks and happy times, not the separations and the struggles and griefs. Not the beautiful people and the dark underbelly and the nominations and adulation and the scorn and the slow dawning of the shocking, internecine nature of it all. Not all that.

But the finding each other on that first step in the journey, on that fateful day, heart-in-mouth, awaiting the first audition.

Two people who had always been waiting to meet each other. Unbeknownst to you both. But written. Two boys hurtling headlong toward each other through the dark. A broken-hearted one and a lonely one, and matching the pieces of each other, what a force to reckon with together.

Holding each other to account, being honest, being creative together, keeping each other grounded, making things together. Laughing. Always laughing. Always making other people laugh. The greatest comedy duo ever formed. Down all those long, long days since Kensington Road. The boys.

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