As we prepare for the last leg of the journey facing the final march to the highest peak – to opening night – we run through the whole play from start to finish for the first time. These are the days of febrile joy and fervent scrambling, the long nights of bedding down the lines, the days of discussion, running, working, balancing and juggling, imagining, hardening the flesh and the mind to the disciplines of this exacting project. The intense requirements of making something powerful, collective and real. The adrenaline. The stress. The work. The growth. The fear to face and overcome. What an honour amidst this flurry then, to have friends from the Kurrajong community come to support us and watch how we work.

Bernie, the King of France, and our special visitors from Narrandera Kurrajong community March 28 2021

Their warmth, patience and curiosity made us feel supported and held up, reminded us of the simple joy of the process, the privilege of being able to be together doing this project in the first place, and how lucky we are to be here now in this moment, with the freedom to do such things – to make theatre, to share space, to create, to work together and form these bonds, to be part of this band of brothers and sisters.

Thank you, Kurrajong friends xx

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